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The small town in Novgorod Region, near Moscow, is popular with tourists who come to look at the ancient Iversky Monastery and relax on Lake Valdai. In 2003, the editors of a website about the town decided to publish a guidebook about places of interest and designed it as a metro map. That is how the website with a detailed map and description of «stations» came into being.

Of course, some visitors to the town didn’t understand that the metro was not real. «I live in Valdai and have never seen a single metro station in my life», says one of the comments on the website. «At the weekend we went to Valdai. There is no metro there!» complain some angry tourists.
But local entrepreneurs picked up the idea and started issuing tokens for travel on the metro. The town administration also liked the «metro», so sewer manholes marked «Metro» and even wrought iron signs marking «entrances» to White House, Zimogorye and City stations have recently appeared in the town.


Бгг  😂


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